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We had a very heavy rains this year and recently there was a flood and water level came up and water was about to enter into our house and we prayed to the lord. The water level remained at the same level for a long time and later on it with drawn and the lord saved us from a big disaster. The good lord hears our prayers. Thanks for your prayers and supports. All the children sends you their greetings.

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image   Snehas home started in 2004 in a rented house and we stayed over 8 years until we built the new house in 2012. The new home was blessed and inaugurated by Arch Bishop of Trivandrum on 31st of May 2012.

At present we can accommodate up to 20 children as per the permission of the Orphanage control board. We have also the certificate from Juvenil Justice Board.

We need urgently to build more bathrooms and toilets for the children as per the needs.

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