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We had a very heavy rains this year and recently there was a flood and water level came up and water was about to enter into our house and we prayed to the lord. The water level remained at the same level for a long time and later on it with drawn and the lord saved us from a big disaster. The good lord hears our prayers. Thanks for your prayers and supports. All the children sends you their greetings.

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Future Project
* Orphan children
* Children who are having only one parent
* Children who are very poor back ground, below poverty line
* Children of unwed mothers
* Children of leprosy patients, T.B, Cancer, AIDS patients.
* Drops outs from the schools due to various reasons.

The project is aiming at not only for secondary education; but also higher studies, but it is depending on each child’s ability and intellectual capacity. The education is aiming at a total transformation in their life. Each child will be prepared from the beginning itself to stand in their own foot. The higher education is aiming at their future employment and settlement in life.
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