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We had a very heavy rains this year and recently there was a flood and water level came up and water was about to enter into our house and we prayed to the lord. The water level remained at the same level for a long time and later on it with drawn and the lord saved us from a big disaster. The good lord hears our prayers. Thanks for your prayers and supports. All the children sends you their greetings.

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Baby M.J (Some people call Devasia M.J) From his school days he was much interested to work for the poor and the children. So he joined in mother Theresa’s congregations of Missionaries of Charity. As a Brother in the Missionaries of Charity, he rendered twenty years of dedicated service in that organization, by taking care of leper, T.B. patients, orphans, unwanted, destitute, disabled and dying, in many parts of India.

He left the congregation of the missionaries of Charity on personal reasons, to work for the orphan children in 2001. He continued rendering the same type of service which he was doing in Mother Theresa’s congregation, in Calcutta and in other secular organizations.

Father J.Baskar from Trivandrum diocese invited him to Kerala. Father Baskar was also a missionary in Mother Theresa’s congregation of Missionaries of Charity. They have worked together for several years. Hence he knows his continued desire to work for the up lift of the poorest of the poor. Therefore he invited him to Trivandrum and offered possible help, to set up a home for the poor children in Trivandrum, Kerala. With much sacrifice and hard work he was able to rent a house and to materialize the dream of a Home for the poor and orphan children.

There are some people who always encouraged and helped and still stand by the home. They are :

1. Father Joseph Perumbil svd- Parish Priest and Hostel in charge-Duburi, Orissa. When he was with the Missionaries of Charity and was posted in Jajpur Road, near to Duburi he had the fortune to work with father Joseph for several years.

2. Father J. Baskar: As mentioned earlier he was very helpful to find a place for the children in Trivandrum. He continues to support the home.

3. Mr. Anthony M.A. He too was a brother in the missionaries of Charity. He renders much help, he is the president of the trust.

Legal statues
“DELLA VENTURA FOUNDATION HOSTEL” is the full name of the trust. It has been registered as a charitable trust.

The children who are coming to our home have a very poor family back ground. Most of them are unwanted and broken hearted. So we wish to bring up the children to the fullness of life and growth. The fullness of growth means academic educational, spiritual nourishment, physical, mental, emotional and social enrichment.

Most of the children who are coming to our homes are from broken families or from painful situations. Most of them have only single parents. Here we try to give them a family atmosphere. A Papa Mummy relationship. Here all the children call the project in charge Devasia Papa.

We will have particular programe for each child as per the needs of the child. Apart from the academic education we will provide them psychological counseling by experienced child specialist, "Yoga" and meditation, special tuition for each child as per the need, sports, physical education, arts and music, acting and dancing and social activities for their own personal growth. The fundamental aim is to bring forth a well balanced person and at the end the child has to stand his/her own foot. And thus enjoy the fullness of life which is a promise of almighty God.

To Conclude
The success of the above project is depend upon very much on the generosity of its sponsor’s like you. The project in charge and other members of home is ready to bear any hardship to bring up the children’s project, so that many unwanted children’s life will be made something beautiful for God. You and I are part of this divine plan of bringing God’s mercy to the little children.. May the good Lord bless you for your generosity.
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